About Company

For CPA firms based in the US and CAN, we are one of the most preferred back office service providers for end to end bookkeeping, accounting, audit, tax return preparation, payroll, admin activities etc. Our team members are highly skilled and experienced comprising of Chartered Accountants from India, Semi Qualified Chartered Accountants, Bachelors or Masters of Commerce with major in Accounting, MBA with finance etc.

We intend to focus on delivering quality services and thrive to provide timely services in a consistent manner which allows CPA firms to spend more time in acquiring new clients, manage existing clients, increase range of services and thus, adding substantial value to every part of the relationship.

Based on our experience, at times, CPA firms face challenges related to recruitment, training and retaining staff that are qualified and managing the workload is also equally important. With us, you can overcome these constraints and also see your costs going down significantly as our delivery center is based in India with 400 plus employees.

Our top most priority is to ensure that we provide services which are quality in nature by acting and working as your own in-house team operating remotely. As we know, today’s technology can address most of our concerns and a feeling of working together is shared for mutual growth and benefits.

Client Benefits

We have designed solutions keeping clients’ needs into consideration, as we have a strong belief in mutual beneficial growth. Accountants experience numerous benefits in an outstanding manner while working with our back office team.

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